Proudly Presenting: a Book & a Blog

Today, I was finally ready to announce my book and my blog. Getting together the address list was quite a job – and my contacts need to be updated, that much is clear.

Do take your time to have a look around, there are previews off the book, the projects I’m working on now, and there will be more.

I will try to do a decent book & research-related Twitter.
Follow me @evelinelubbers.

You can also link to my LinkedIn account, set up for the occasion!

If you like what you see, please forward the announcement (text included below) to others you might think could be interested, mail servers that I don’t know off, anything: spread the word!

This is the text of the email that just went out:

== You receive this email because you know me, somehow,
== or because you have shown an interest in my work.

== Could you please forward to friends and colleagues?
== Some cross-posting is inevitable.
== Further updates and events via the blog or twitter.

Proudly presenting a book & a blog:

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark,
Corporate and Police Spying on Activists

Eveline Lubbers

Blogging about my book, events around it and further research at:

I will even try to do a decent book & research-related Twitter.
Follow me @evelinelubbers.

Book blurb

The exposure of undercover policeman Mark Kennedy in the eco-
activist movement revealed how the state monitors and undermines
political activism. This book shows the other grave threat to
our political freedoms – undercover activities by corporations.

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark documents how corporations are
halting legitimate action and investigation by activists.
Using exclusive access to previously confidential sources,
Eveline Lubbers shows how companies such as Nestlé, Shell
and McDonald’s use covert methods to evade accountability.
She argues that corporate intelligence gathering has shifted
from being reactive to pro-active, with important implications
for democracy itself.

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark will be vital reading for activists,
investigative and citizen journalists, and all who care about
freedom and democracy in the 21st century.

Book praise

In this eye-opening, ground-breaking volume Eveline Lubbers
opens up a new field of research. A must-read for anyone
interested in grey policing, social movements, social reform
and corporate intelligence behaviour.

Gary T. Marx, Author of Undercover: Police Surveillance in America

In the recent frenzy over media phone hacking, the shadow warriors
of corporate espionage have escaped scrutiny, until now.
Eveline Lubbers’ book shines a timely and sharp light on the
dark arts of serving and retired cops, spooks and squaddies
who are spying, bugging and lying for big business with impunity.

Michael Gillard, Journalist, The Sunday Times


Secret Manoeuvres is widely available in bookshops (if not: tell them
to stock it!), and on the internet as well. has the details of the publisher, Pluto Press,
as well as some suggestions where to purchase the book.

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark,
Corporate and Police Spying on Activists

Author: Eveline Lubbers
Publisher: Pluto Press, UK
ISBN: 9780745331850
Extent: 272pp
Size: 215mm x 135mm
Format: Paperback and hardcover

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