For review copies and book orders, the publishers’ details are below.

For all other questions about the book, such as interview requests, speaking engagements and further research, get in touch with the author directly at Secret Manoeuvres in Amsterdam.

Speaking arrangements can be organised for different kind of audiences. Talks, workshops, book presentations: we can always discuss the right format. To get an idea, the section Beyond the Book explains what I am doing at present, and so should the postings at the blog.

Suggestions for funding, invitations to contribute, or attractive offers for book contracts, welcome at the Secret Manoeuvres mailbox at

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Pluto Press To get in touch with the responsible publisher in certain parts of the world:

UK: Jon Maunder at Pluto Press in London.
US: Lindsie Augustin/a> at Palgrave in Virginia.
Heath Farnsworth at MacMillan in South Yarra.

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