Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark
Corporate and Police Spying on Activists

Author: Eveline Lubbers
ISBN: 9780745331850
Extent: 272pp
Publisher: Pluto Press
Format: Paperback and hardcover

Secret Manoeuvres is widely available in bookshops (if not: tell them to stock it!), and on the internet as well. Some suggestions to get an idea of the pricing and where your money goes.


United Kingdom

The Netherlands


  • It’s also available for Kindle: or at Does not come cheap though, Pluto is looking into it (May 2016).

United States


Other books

The book before this was Battling Big Business, Countering greenwash, front groups and other forms of corporate deception (Green Books UK and Common Courage Press USA, 2002).
Almost out of print! For copies at discount prices, check the SpinWatch book shop. Also on sale is the Dutch translation called Schone Schijn, smerige streken in de strijd tussen burger en bedrijfsleven. And last but not least, the on line bookshop of Het Fort van Sjakoo also sells these books – and many more.

For reviews of Battling Big Business, see my – neglected – website at

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